Upgrading Your LSA’s Avionics for a Sky-High Experience

Explore the world of avionics upgrades for LSAs, guided by passionate experts. Upgrade your LSA panel for an empowering aviation adventure!

Upgrading Your LSA’s
Avionics For A
Sky-High Experience


Navigating the Skies with the Right Panel Upgrade

In the thrilling journey of aircraft ownership, every aviator eventually reaches a pivotal moment—the decision to elevate their flying experience by upgrading the instrument panel. This transformative process, though neither swift nor economical, opens up a world of possibilities. For owners of light sport aircraft (LSA), however, the path to realizing their dream cockpit comes with unique challenges, from securing ample panel space for a dreamscreen to obtaining necessary approvals for changes.

At the forefront of this avionic adventure is Dynon Avionics, based in Woodinville, Washington, just north of Seattle, with a satellite operation in Portland, Oregon. Founded in 2000 by a pilot and semiconductor entrepreneur, Dynon Avionics specializes in crafting avionics tailored for light aircraft, providing a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics.

Michael Schofield, Director of Marketing for Dynon Avionics, emphasizes the importance of understanding the intricacies of upgrading avionics, particularly for Special Light Sport Aircraft (SLSA). Unlike the conventional supplemental type certificate process, SLSA modifications require approval from the LSA manufacturer. Schofield guides enthusiasts through this process, urging them to recognize the need for manufacturer permission or consider transitioning to the experimental category.

From Experimental to LSA: Elevating the Skyview Experience

Dynon Avionics has a rich history in serving the experimental aircraft community, becoming the market leader in avionics for renowned models like Van’s Aircraft RVs and Glasairs. As the light sport category emerged, Dynon seized the opportunity to redefine the LSA avionics market. The company’s commitment to customer desires and evolving technology led to the development of groundbreaking products like the SkyView, the latest incarnation being the SkyView HGX, introduced in 2018, boasting a touchscreen interface for an enhanced user experience.

Schofield sheds light on the delicate balance between usability and minimal footprint in avionics design. With features like wall-to-wall synthetic vision and color-coded indicators for engine and system monitoring, Dynon Avionics ensures that transitioning from traditional ‘steam gauges’ is a seamless experience. The learning curve is further eased by intuitive programming, combining touchscreen capabilities with physical buttons and knobs for precise control even in turbulent conditions.

Navigating the Skies: Choosing the Right Avionics for Your LSA

Selecting avionics for an LSA panel upgrade requires a thoughtful consideration of aircraft mission, budget, and panel space. Schofield emphasizes the importance of understanding the systems and equipment needed for specific missions, whether it’s transitioning from VFR to IFR or embarking on cross-country flights. For IFR panels, redundancy is key, requiring dual displays and at least one battery backup to ensure a safe and reliable flying experience.

Dynon Avionics’ representatives are readily available to guide aviators in making informed choices based on their unique requirements. Whether it’s the need for dual displays or a specific configuration for a mission, Dynon ensures a personalized approach to avionic selection.

Smooth Soaring: Installation Made Easy

Dynon Avionics has established a network of authorized service centers trained to install their avionics, ensuring a seamless transition for both homebuilders and those seeking professional installation. For owners transitioning from SLSA to ELSA, Dynon simplifies the process by providing a comprehensive package containing the panel, wiring, and advanced control module. With 80% of the work completed before it reaches the owner, installation becomes a straightforward task of connecting wires and following instructions.

Embark on your avionic journey with Dynon Avionics—a community that empowers, inspires, and unites passionate aviators. Upgrade your LSA’s panel and join a vibrant community that shares your dedication to the skies, where education, entertainment, and a sense of belonging converge in the vast expanse of aviation.


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