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Are you passionate about aviation, being a pilot, and everything that makes the skies come alive? Do you have a strong online presence, a love for sharing your aviation adventures, and a knack for connecting with fellow pilots or aviation enthusiasts? If so, we invite you to explore an exciting opportunity to become an E3 Aviation Brand Ambassador for our distinguished aviation platform!

What Does It Mean to Be an Aviation and Pilot Brand Ambassador?

As an E3 Aviation Brand Ambassador, you'll have the unique privilege of representing our aviation membership platform and all the extraordinary benefits it offers. You'll be the voice, the face, and the driving force behind our aviation community and pilots everywhere, sharing your aviation experiences and connecting with like-minded aviation enthusiasts from around the world.

All types of pilots and owners of all types of aircraft are welcome to apply. 

Why Become an Aviation and Pilot Brand Ambassador?
  • Join the Aviation Elite: You'll become part of an exclusive community of aviation aficionados who share your passion for flying, adventure, and exploration.
  • Access Exclusive Aviation Benefits: Enjoy privileged access to our aviation platform, including its unique resources, flight tools, discounts, and premium content.
  • Share Your Love for Aviation: Educate and inspire others about the joy of aviation and the pilot life while fostering a strong sense of community among fellow aviation enthusiasts.
  • Enhance Your Online Presence: Build your personal brand within the aviation industry and be recognized as a trusted authority, pilot, content creator, and influencer.
  • Advocate for Aviation: Champion the world of aviation, supporting its growth and development while connecting with like-minded pilots and aviation enthusiasts.

Read through our program overview below and submit your application today.

E3 Aviation Brand Ambassador Benefits

Further details will be provided after application is reviewed.

  • Ambassadors will receive a free Premium membership into E3 Aviation  and any of our other family of brands.
  • Ambassadors will have the opportunity to earn monthly affiliate commission on all members that sign up under their affiliate links.
  • Ambassadors will have the opportunity to earn BIG bonuses on membership drives and promotion that lead to new member sign ups.
  • Ambassadors are eligible to receive E3 Aviation merchandise and swag such as hats, stickers, shirts, etc.
  • Ambassadors will receive a full marketing kit that includes logos, QR codes, custom links, brochures, promotional cards and other materials.
  • Ambassadors will be introduced to our product partners for additional products and promos/deals.
  • Ambassadors will be promoted on all E3 social media channels with links back to their social accounts so that their audience grows.
  • Ambassadors will receive copies of professionally produced content (images/videos) that are created by E3’s in-house production teams that they can use on their channels, if they are a part of the content creation.
  • Ambassadors will be promoted in magazines, newsletters, and all eMarketing messages.
  • Ambassadors may be eligible for paid travel costs or reimbursements for certain industry events.
  • Ambassadors will be promoted and given the chance for Official Meet & Greets at all E3 sanctioned events that they are a part of.
  • Ambassadors may be invited to attend the large annual E3 Conference, held in Las Vegas, NV.

Meet Some Of Our Team & Ambassadors!


John "RAIN" Waters


Tyler "FEED" Davies


Mindy Lindheim


Michelle "MACE" Curran


Joe Costanza


Ryan Farran


Michael "Thorny" Brewer


John "SLICK" Baum


Warren Cilliers


Mel Williams

Embark on Your Aviation Journey:

Becoming an E3 Aviation Brand Ambassador is a thrilling adventure for those who are truly passionate about aviation, piloting, and connecting with fellow aviation enthusiasts. It's your opportunity to share your unique experiences and expertise, inspire others, and make a lasting impact on the aviation community.

The sky's the limit, and we can't wait to welcome you on board! Join us in celebrating aviation, sharing the joy of flying, and connecting with aviation enthusiasts worldwide as an official E3 Aviation Brand Ambassador. Your aviation adventure begins now!


Our team will carefully review all applications and select candidates whose passion and values align with our brand’s mission. Successful applicants will be notified via email and will have an introductory call with E3’s executive team.

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E3 Aviation is building a family of those whose passions are creating a community of What We Do and Where We Do It. Our platforms are developed to create a culture and branding for those who invest their recreational time in any type of pilot or aviation activities.

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We are always searching for real individuals that are more than just faces—we are looking for the inherent voices of the E3 brand. Those that embody and emulate the core values of E3 Aviation. Our ambassador program is an extension of who we are; authentic and passionate with a goal to inspire everywhere. We hope to find individuals who love being a pilot, and can express their own style with our membership platform. We are only accepting candidates located in the US at this time. Thank you.