Joint Venture Partner COMMISSION program

Depending on the level of involvement you choose, your company and brand can be involved as simple as earning income from promotions...   all the way to a year long massive media and sales campaign to our members and lists to help bring expose and revenue. 

Earn 10-15% ongoing monthly commissions  FOREVER!   DETAILS BELOW

E3 = Empower, Educate, Entertain - The 3 pillars to a vibrant and effective membership community that focuses on training, education and connection of like-minded enthusiasts who want to take their Aviation experience to a whole new level no matter what level they are today.

E3 AVIATION brings a superior level of experience to Aviation enthusiasts, from newbies to professionals, general aviation, and Military. We use the latest in digital delivery technology, the finest content and the highest quality content, as well as the finest off-line experience in global events to make us the premier and most professional company of its kind in the industry.

Our business goal to the consumer is to deliver a hybrid eco-environment they can trust and believe in that cuts through all of the uncertainty and noise the industry has become filled with. We endeavor to create a community of confident, highly educated, proficient, and safe flyers and families, thereby not only making a positive impact in their lives, but also being the stewards of the industry to set the standard for the rest of the Aviation world to follow.

Get exposure for your brand,  additional sales, more revenue, and enhanced press for your company! AND... Earn MONTHLY RESIDUAL INCOME all while helping make a positive change to the aviation industry...
What we do for partners and How to get started...

We are able to drive sales for our partners as well as massive exposure thought all out mediums.  From magazines, to mentions in podcasts, videos, webinars and more...  to dedicated email drops.   But most impactful is offering product deals to our members in our platform and marketing campaigns.

The level of involvement is up to you based on your own business model and needs.  E3 can customize the relationship based on whats most important for your company.

Super Joint Venture Partner*
This is the ultimate promotion relationship! With this reciprocal agreement in place we use our content, memberships, and marketing engine to sell your products, drive exposure for you, and grow your business all year long.  In return, you help promote our brands and business in a way that works for you-that might be telling your customers about our memberships, contributing content to our media channels, sponsoring an event, or something else entirely. The opportunities are endless! We can easily customize this partnership to fit your unique
business and situation.

Joint Venture Alliance
This is an a la carte option where we work in promotion activities where they make sense, every now and then rather than each month. We'll work together to identify mutually beneficial opportunities and maximize them.

Membership Promoter
This traditional affiliate relationship empowers you to promote our memberships and earn monthly commissions for all members you send our way. We'll give you a link that's specific to you so we can easily track your referrals and make sure you get paid for each one. This is an excellent option for bloggers and those who send out regular newsletters, and it offers a way to earn extra income and get exposure for your brand.

Content Contributor
When you contribute content for our brands, we'll highlight you and drive exposure for your business and website. You'll also earn an elevated affiliate commission. Let's talk about the partnership that's right for you.

Contact us at 855-528-8243 or [email protected] to schedule a discussion today.

No matter what program you fall into above, get your account set up today...

All The Tools You Need


Once you create your account and log in, you will have acess to all the reporting toos you need,  standard copy you can alter, banners, logos, graphics and more.  

All of the tools are integrated with your private tracking link so that all sales are tracked to your account.   Then you can see all the clicks, links, tracking, sales and more all in your JV dashboard and reports.

Standard Ongoing Commission:

Commissions run from 10% to 15% MONTHLY depending on the level of engagement you choose.   You can talk to our team or your account manager to customize your account after you fill out the affiliate account.

Contact us at 855-528-8243 or [email protected] to schedule a discussion today.


E3 Aviation Is Built To Improve Aviation Lives At Every Level...

E3 Aviation focuses on results based resources, engaging media, community online and in-person events, outstanding and entertaining content, saving money on all kinds of products, and providing and outstanding experience for all aviators.

Your membership helps to give back and inspire our aspirational pilots.  The ACE program, through their outreach programs, education and scholarship has been making a positive impact to the industry with our young aviators that want to soar as a pilot and professionals.

As an E3 Aviation members you are helping to support that mission and get many of the benefits along the way. A percentage of member fees go monthly to the ACE program.


E3... Our Mission



We empower the community and industry to come together and make more memorable aviation memories for all of us and make a positive impact.



We educate thought vetted resources and experts to keep yo informed on the latest industry information and valuable information to make your aviation journey successful.



We entertain thought outstanding content, shows and live events, fly-ins, conferences, and live and online interactive programs.

Meet the Team, Experts and Ambassadors...


John "RAIN" Waters
E3 Aviation Founder, USAF Veteran, Former F-16 Combat Fighter Pilot  - 180 Combat Missions & F-16 Viper Demo Team Commander & Pilot (2017-2019), Boeing 777 Pilot, CFII, C-152/C-172, T-6II, T-38C, KingAir 350, F-16C/D, 777, Podcaster


Michael Goulian
E3 Ambassador, World Aerobatic & Air Race Champion, Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot ,CFII and "ACE"


John "SLICK" Baum
E3 VIce President - USAF Retired, Former F-16 Fighter Pilot & Thunderbird Pilot, F-16 Weapons School Instructor "Top Gun" of the USAF, CFII


Mindy Linderheim   E3 Director of Media, CFI/CFII, Former Factory Demo Pilot for Textron Aviation, Citation 525 Single Pilot Type-Rated, "Chasin’ Tailwinds" YouTube Series, Cessna Skylane Owner


Brian Johnson
E3 Founder, CEO E3 Association, ATP, Kingair C90,F90,B200, Conquest 2, Cheyenne 2, 2KL, 3, Single Pilot Typed in C500,C525,C550, Extra 300L, Sea Plane, Multiple aircraft owner


Adam Painchaud
E3 Founder, Ret USAF Special Agent, Master Instructor, former Director of the Sig Sauer Academy, Army Ranger, Federal Agent, trained some of the most elite agencies, special operations units aviation, SWAT teams


Warren Cilliers
A&P, Master Technition and owner Cilliers Aviation. Classically trained air force mechanic with full FAA Certifications. Official Tech to the E3 Aviation Extra 300. Competition aerobatics pilot.

How We Give Back...

E3 Aviation Association is a proud supporter of SUN n FUN and the ACE program, donating a portion of every membership. The Aerospace Center for Excellence, the most unique educational campus in the United States, is located on the Lakeland Linder International Airport (KLAL). The ACE Campus includes the Aerospace Pavilion, the Florida Air Museum, the Central Florida Aerospace Academy (CFAA) High School, The Lakeland Aero Club – a high school flying club, the Piedmont Experience – a Boeing 727 classroom, the Piedmont Hangar, the Tom Davis Education Center, the Buehler Restoration Center, the Crossfield Discovery Center, and the Skylab Innovation Center.




E3 Aviation Proudly Supports Banyan Air Service

For over 20 years, the owners and founders of E3 Association have been based at and worked with Banyan Air Service.  Through 10 aircraft, Banyan and their team have been a world-class company to work with.

Visit Banyan Today