The Eye-catching Rainbow Mooney Gracing the Skies

E3 Aviation Spotlight: The Eye-catching Rainbow Mooney Gracing the Skies

A 1967 Mooney M20F has been transformed into a vibrant artwork that’s captivating the general aviation world.

The story behind this aircraft, now adorned with triangles in a plethora of colors, isn’t a straightforward one. It’s become the center of admiration.

Its proud general aviation owner, a dedicated aviator with over 650 hours under his belt, made the acquisition just over a year ago. He didn’t settle for just any aircraft; he desired something efficient, swift, and reasonable to maintain. His journey for the perfect aircraft saw him considering several options before he landed on the Mooney M20F, a decision influenced by its freshly overhauled engine and prop, available at an attractive price point.

The transformation started internally. The original panel was replaced with an advanced Garmin suite, boasting the latest navigation and communication equipment. The refurbishment extended to its interior, where Gemico Decorative Trim in Tampa, Florida, and the esteemed Bruce Jaeger collaborated to produce the Mooney’s premium interior. This included updated panels and plush carpeting, all overseen by Jaeger himself.Piper Aircraft Information - E3 Aviation

Yet, the aircraft’s defining moment was its external makeover. A conversation with mural artist, Matt Kress, steered the aircraft’s fate. Entrusting Kress with the creative reins, the mandate was simple: “Geometric shapes and a burst of color.” Without any interference or expectations, the owner eagerly awaited the final reveal, one that left him absolutely elated.

Securing a paint shop for this project wasn’t easy. Most were hesitant to entertain an independent artist’s involvement. The game-changer was Ace Aircraft Refinishing in Bartow, Florida. Their co-owner, Luke Strawbridge, not only opened their doors but was keen on fostering this creative partnership. The resulting masterpiece combined aviation-grade painting techniques with graffiti spray paint, sealed with two layers of professional clearcoat.

The reaction has been nothing short of astounding. Onlookers, aviation enthusiasts, and passersby are left in awe. Whether it’s towers inquiring about its striking look or brands expressing interest in collaborations, the aircraft doesn’t go unnoticed. And the most frequent comment? “Wow! That’s amazing!” followed by technical inquiries and admiration.

As E3 Aviation champions the essence of aviation community and innovation, this Mooney’s story truly captures the spirit of what we stand for. Passionate aviators, creative collaborations, and the sense of community are the hallmarks of what makes our world soar. This multicolored marvel is set to grace Oshkosh, Wisconsin, later this year – a testament to the limitless possibilities when passion meets the sky.