The Skies with a New Vision: The Journey Toward Unleaded Avgas

As aviators, we don’t just take to the skies; we’re responsible stewards of the environment. It’s our shared ambition, our collective spirit, that brings the aviation community together, forging ahead on a groundbreaking path to transition to unleaded avgas. The dial of urgency accelerates each … Read More

Turbocharger V-Clamps AD

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has released a new directive, AD 2023-09-09. This directive prescribes the frequent substitution of V-band turbocharger exhaust couplings in numerous types of aircraft and engines. Notably, this directive applies to all turbocharged engines from Continental and Lycoming, specifically including the … Read More

Advancements in Weather Forecasting for Safer Flights

Advancements in Weather Forecasting for Safer Flights | E3 Aviation

Weather is a critical element in the aviation industry; it directly impacts flight safety, efficiency, and the overall passenger experience. Over the years, weather forecasting methodologies and technologies have improved significantly, resulting in better flight planning and risk mitigation. In this article, we will explore … Read More

Brace for Impact

Brace For Impact | E3 Aviation

Brace for Impact To assume a brace position or crash position is an instruction that can be given to prepare for a crash, such as on an aircraft; the instruction to “Brace for impact!” or “Brace! Brace!” is often given if the aircraft must make … Read More

Fly Like a PRO

Fly Like A Pro | E3 Aviation

Professionalism and Flight Discipline in General Aviation By Everette Rochon, FAA Training and Certification Group Manager If you’re interested in aviation, it’s a safe bet that you have seen video of the carefully orchestrated operations on board an aircraft carrier flight deck. You’ve seen the … Read More

Airplane Safety, Rules and Operations

Airplane Safety, Rules and Operations

Operations will comply with the applicable general safety rules for operations and practices prescribed in agency manuals, Federal, State, and OSHA standards. GENERAL SAFETY PRECAUTIONS SAFETY AROUND AIRPLANES IN-FLIGHT EMERGENCY AERIAL HAZARDS   READ THE REST OF THIS ARTICLE INSIDE THE MEMBERS PLATFORM As an … Read More

Aircraft Ownership Carries Tax Benefits

Aircraft Ownership Carries Tax Benefits

There are compelling reasons to own your own piece of the sky. No more crowds, your own schedule, your own path to your own goals and memories. Add to that, sound financial reasons for aircraft ownership as well. Beyond the money saved on overnight trips, … Read More

Is Hydrogen Power The Future for Aviation?

Is Hydrogen Power The Future for Aviation?

Is hydrogen power the future of aviation? On January 19th, ZeroAvia flew the largest aircraft in the world powered by a hydrogen-electric engine. This marks the maiden flight of their hydrogen-powered testbed, a 19-seat Dornier 228 aircraft with a full-sized prototype hydrogen-electric engine on the … Read More



Aerobatic pilots like Sean D. Tucker and Michael Goulian are among some of the world’s top aerobatic performers. They showcase their technical skill and stamina with amazing feats every year in the skies. There are five general categories of maneuvers: horizontal and vertical lines, rolls, hammerheads, loops, and spins.  … Read More

Insurance for Aircraft You Don’t Own…And Why

Here’s a scenario that is a common concern for growing companies. Your company continues its rapid growth, including the opening of new branches in cities not serviced by the airlines. The advantages and efficiencies of transporting your executives and employees to these locations via private aircraft are … Read More