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Never Level Off - E3 Aviation is the #1 community and platform for pilots, aviators and aviation enthusiasts


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“Navigating the world of aviation can be overwhelming with all the noise, groups, personalities, and options out there. From social media… too many products… wasting a ton of money… and way too many opinions on how to do things can all be confusing. You should not feel this way!

In fact, we know how you feel. We spent our lifetime building our aviation careers, trying to find professional vetted content and relationships that we can trust and feel good about all while being entertained and having meaningful life.

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E3 Aviation helps pilots and families discover a safer, confident, and more empowered flying journey, and so they can make informed decisions and live a full, rich, and entertained aviation lifestyle.”


We’re excited to launch the premier website for aviation education, entertainment and content which is NOW LIVE with some of the most influential people in the Aviation industry – John “Rain” Waters, Michael Goulian, John “SLICK” Baum, Mindy Lindhiem, Barber Aviation, Warren Cilliers, and many others! E3 Aviation focuses on results-based resources, engaging media, community online and in-person events, outstanding and entertaining online content, saving money on all kinds of products, and providing an outstanding member experience for all aviators. E3 Aviation has it all and brings industry professionals, military, students, and general aviation together in one aviation community… and helps the entire community save a ton of money while doing it.


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